An efficient and versatile wall system for industrial, commercial, and agricultural buildings

Insulated Wall Panels

Energy efficient buildings are built using pre-built panels of interior wall, exterior wall and insulation. Each wall panel comes completely customized, with your choice of pattern, colour and insulation thickness. Whichever wall option you choose, you will receive an end product with minimal thermal bridging, long-lasting material and impeccable appearance.

  • HFW 40 - Insulated Metal Wall Panels - Robust Shield

HFW 40

The HFW 40 is used in industrial, agricultural, and residential building projects. The HFW 40 with concealed fastening is our most popular panel. These insulated metal panels can be used as exterior siding or interior dividing walls.

They consists of two profiled steel sheets with PIR insulation in between. The greatest advantage of the HFW 40 is the concealed fastening allowing design and functionality to work perfectly together.

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CSW 44

These insulated metal panels are specifically developed for use in cold storage, freezer rooms, climate chambers and clean rooms. These panels have a high insulation value, which means that heat or cold is properly retained or blocked.

The choice of food safe coating allows this insulated metal panel to meet standard food safety requirements.

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1170 WZ

A versatile panel that can be used for a wide range of applications. A working width of 1170mm is a great advantage for expedient installation. A great insulated wall panel for quick and easy installation.

The wide selection of options in colour and profiling makes the 1170 WZ a versatile wall panel. The panels can be fastened both horizontally and vertically.

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1000 GL

A premium insulated wall panel designed for projects that deserve a unique and playful appearance. The 1000 GL features a beautiful sinusoidal profile resulting in a premium look and feel.

This insulated wall panel is available in insulation thicknesses ranging from 43mm up to 120mm. The panels can be fastened both horizontally and vertically.

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1000 TR

When design matters. The 1000 TR is a insulated wall panel with a beautiful trapezoidal profile. Create a true statement with the parallel sides and oposite angles.

This beautiful wall panel is available in many colours. The panels can be fastened both horizontally and vertically. The double seal ensures high insulation values and prevention of condensation.

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